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two smiles cards

Hewlett-Packard is moving deeper into digital printing today with the launch of TwoSmiles, an online destination that lets you combine greeting cards and gift cards. Just in time for Mother’s Day, you can use the web site to create more memorable, personalized cards for any occasion.

You can create a personalized gift card for family or friends by visiting the site, picking an artist-created greeting card design, choosing a retailer and gift card amount, and then personalizing the greeting. HP offers hundreds of designs to choose from for events such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, and graduation. You can print it using HP’s Easy Print software, where you select the print and paper size and then print directly from the browser.

The whole experience will grease the wheels of e-commerce and remove friction for buying gift cards and printing cards. And for HP, that will mean more printer and ink sales at a time when both are in decline.

“Many consumers view gift cards as an easy but impersonal gift. We saw an opportunity to combine traditional gift cards with greeting cards to add the extra personalization and human touch that gift cards often lack,” said Steve Sandwisch, the director of media marketing at HP. “TwoSmiles by HP helps customers to celebrate any occasion with a greeting and gift card in one, which can be printed at home—for an instant, meaningful personal sentiment and gift.”

The cost of each TwoSmiles card is determined by the face value of the gift card, starting at $25. Designing the card is free. HP already has 20 merchants signed up, including Barnes & Noble, Lowes, Marriott, and Regal Entertainment Group. The service is named TwoSmiles after the smile of the giver and the receiver.