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Anna Alenius-Mathson is the head of communication for Rebtel.

Ever since Mother’s Day was established in 1908, Americans have asked themselves the eternal question: “What should I get for Mom?” And for more than a century the answer has usually involved giving her either greeting cards or flowers (or both). The explosion of mobile apps has found a way to change this, bringing mom squarely into the digital age, with products designed to make her feel close even though the distance between you may be great.

So if you’re looking for some new ideas on how to make mom feel special, here are a few clever app ideas that just might do the trick.

Say hello to virtual scrapbooking

Help Mom get on board with one of the nation’s top hobbies with the ScrapPad Mother’s DayPhoto Journal (Free), a virtual photo album scrapbook for the Mac and iPad. For Moms that are already Scrapbooking pros, this app will enable her to abandon her glue stick and create top-quality scrapbook layouts quickly and easily.

Albums can be organized and stored systematically and text can be easily entered in a variety of fonts and colors.

The best part is that all ScrapPad album pages can be shared with others or printed with excellent resolution, so even if Mom doesn’t own the app, you can send the album as a gift so she can show it off proudly to her friends.

Give mom the gift of professional style photos

The Camera+ ($.99) app for iPhone and iPad will let mom fine-tune your mobile camera until it takes photos as well as a pro camera can. It offers a variety of shooting modes, a stabilizer, exposure adjustments, even a grid tool that lets you use the Rule of Thirds to make compositions more intriguing.

The app uses your iPhone’s flash as a continuous fill light to improve the quality of your photos, and there’s even the ability to add aftereffects, use filters, do cropping and touch-up, add borders, as well as an easy-to-use storage system and sharing capability, so Mom can save and share all those sharp photos of her kids and grandkids.

If cards are ‘a must’, why not try a fresh approach?

The Cleverbug Cards App (Free) not only gives you the ability to customize and send your own cards, but it also reminds you about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and special events. It conveniently stores all of your friends’ and family’s birthdates in proper order and offers hundreds of cards that are classified into useful categories (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), which you can customize with personal photos or special messages.

The finished design can then be printed out by Cleverbug on high-quality card stock paper and mailed anywhere in the world. Or you can simply post your customized card directly to your Mom’s Facebook wall to show her that you’re thinking of her.

Help Mom chill out with the relaxation app

Give Mom the opportunity to relieve the tensions of each challenging day with a “sound bath” app called Serenity ($1.99), which claims to offer thirty different video and audio options that will help listeners unwind and relax.

Videos include a beautiful waterfall, peaceful fields, underwater vistas and even heaps of adorable sleeping kittens, while sounds include rain, distant thunderstorms and moving water.

There’s also undulating abstract forms that combine with sound to create synchronized light shows, which can be an effective tool for meditation or for use prior to sleeping. Mom can even watch it with Apple TV or stream the high-quality audio to her AirPlay speakers for maximum enjoyment.

A new twist on the Mother’s Day bouquet: Virtual flowers

If you’re completely dead-set on flowers, why not try something a bit unexpected.Flowerly (Free) is an app that will let you send a bouquet of virtual flowers to anyone you love in seconds. Bouquets range in appearance; some are free and some are part of premium bundles.

All you have to do is customize your own message, choose a contact from your iOS address book or your Facebook friends list, and combine it with the bouquet using a card template. Then, mail the whole virtual gift either by email or via Facebook.

The ease of sending makes it worthy download, not just for your Mom, but any Mom you know that deserves some love and recognition.

Send a virtual heart beat (… the next best thing to being there in-person)

Mom probably hasn’t heard your heartbeat since the pre-birth ultrasound days with her doctor looming close by, so surprise her this year with the gift of your own beating heart, which will bring back fond memories of babyhood — and motherhood.

Re:Beat (Free on iTunes and Google Play) allows you to capture and record the exact rhythm of your beating heart by placing your fingertip upon your phone’s camera or by tapping the screen to the rhythm of your heartbeat. The pattern of your heartbeat will then be transformed into a warm animation whose sound and vibration are perfectly in sync with your own heart. You can even send a greeting with your heart like, My Heart Will Always Beat For You or Wishing I Was There.

In terms of imagination and creativity, all these great options leave the traditional flowers-and-card option far behind, so if you can’t be there in-person, why not surprise here with one of unique ideas, which will give her something she can truly treasure, while keeping you close to her heart.

Anna Alenius-MathsonAnna is internationally responsible for all strategy and planning pertaining to Rebtel’s PR and communication activities. Anna has more than a decade of experience in the field of PR, marketing, digital media.

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