FC Card

This sponsored post is produced by FoundersCard.

That’s what you might be thinking after you read this article.

If you’re starting the next big thing, building a business or looking for your next venture, likely you could use all the networking opportunities you can get. The challenge is to find a high quality community made up of entrepreneurs and VCs who have the know-how, clout or resources to facilitate your success.

Now layer on a benefits program that’s built to help grow your company, ease the stress of business travel and your entrepreneurial needs. You receive access to exceptional value, automatic upgrades and elite access on leading airlines, 5-star hotels, mobile plans, shipping costs, IT purchases, and the hottest fashion brands.

That’s what FoundersCard is all about. It was created by Eric Kuhn in 2010 after starting his own company in the 90s heyday – VarsityBooks. As he developed the business, brought it public and sold it, Kuhn experienced first-hand the stresses to which all entrepreneurs can relate. Now with over 10,000 members and a company move from NY to rising tech star Austin, Kuhn continues to seek out partners and members who can serve this community with exclusive benefits, connections or expertise.

With the entrepreneurial community hitting its next big wave since the 90s, you’ll be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner. VentureBeat readers can access the preferred membership rate of $395 per year (30% off standard price of $595) using code FCVENTB13 by May 31. Learn more.

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