The “big data” and analytics startup EdgeSpring officially launched today with $11 million in financing from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Lightspeed Ventures.

The company’s business intelligence and analytics platform enables you to quickly obtain business information from any size, structure or data without having to depend on data analysts or information technology professionals.

The platform makes it easy for average users to ask questions about data like financial or user information any time and anywhere across data silos.

“From day one, our vision was to democratize information access in the enterprise,”  Vijay Chakravarthy, the founder and CEO of EdgeSpring, said in a statement.

EdgeSpring says the platform enables users to drive timely decisions by asking and easily answering first and second order questions across structured and semi-structured data.

To show off the new platform, EdgeSpring developed an application called CrunchEdge. The “playground” enables users to explore Crunchbase to map out the data sets of venture investments and company information. CrunchEdge will be released at the beginning of June.

EdgeSpring was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs with backgrounds at Salesforce, IBM, and Oracle. The company wants to make it easier for business end users to make data-based decisions based on questions from their data. The $11 million Series A is the first financing round the company has completed.

Photo via EdgeSpring