Microsoft employees poked fun at Google this week in a mock advertisement that was never meant to leave the Redmond, Wash. company’s walls.

Of course, it did, and now it’s available for everyone’s (except Google’s) enjoyment.

The video mimics Google’s Chrome advertisement that attendees of Google I/O, the company’s developer conference happening in San Francisco, saw yesterday. The original shows a bouncing Chrome icon that takes you around all the devices and places on the Internet that Chrome connects you. Microsoft’s version, however, has that same icon showing you all the places Google tracks you and makes advertising revenue off of you.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that the video was, in fact, Microsoft’s doing and that it was intended to remain internal.

Yesterday Google told Microsoft that it needed to remove its YouTube app from the Windows Phone app store. Microsoft created the app independently of Google, which obviously didn’t rub the search giant the right way. Whether this video was a quickly thrown together reaction this or just a product of the general competition between the two companies is unknown. Microsoft and Google compete deeply on many different levels: search products, e-mail services, phones, and cloud storage services.

Here’s the original Chrome advertisement from Google:

Featured image via Microsoft video