How much would you say a photo sorting algorithm is worth? How about $4 million?

Photo sharing app Linea is raising that very amount to launch its newest creation: an algorithm that automatically frames photos based on their strongest focal points. With the feature, Linea says it can determine what the most aesthetically pleasing parts of your photos are, focus on them, and then combine the photos in a way that’s, arguably, better than if you had done it yourself.

According to Linea, the approach is a combination of big data and what it calls “summarization technology”, which together, Linea says, do something that no other photo sharing app has been able to before. The company’s goal, it seems, is to replace the slideshow with something smarter and more data-driven.

Based in Seattle, Linea is just one entrant in the very, very crowded market of photo sharing apps, and remains to be seen whether its approach will help it get an edge on its competitors.