Building enterprise apps
Got an idea for an iPhone app? These days, you can mock up a quick and dirty prototype to show colleagues and customers, before you commit to actually building the thing.

A startup called Appgyver (conveniently rhymes with “MacGyver“) has developed a set of app prototyping tools for developers and product managers. To build out its product suite, the company today raised an additional $325,000 in seed funding. This brings the funding total to $1,325,000.

Appgyver’s well-known Prototyper product is targeted at those who need a better way to test out current versions of their apps on potential customers, and rapidly alter the design in minutes. It’s designed to mimic the actual feeling of what using the app would be like.

But the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup announced today that it is going beyond prototypes.

For one thing, Appgyver isn’t the only product on the market to help you build gorgeous visuals, no coding required. JustinmindFluid UI, and Appcooker offer similar services.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, the founders spent months interviewing app developers and designers about their biggest sources of frustration. Issues with Adobe-owned PhoneGap (the open source framework that lets developers build apps using HTML and Javascript) repeatedly came up. So the company is releasing today its beta of Toolbelt, the first offering from the Steroids platform, which is designed to bolster the performance of hybrid apps.


Toolbelt acts as a “patch” to Adobe’s PhoneGap toolset, augmenting performance and making it easier to test ideas. “We are fixing what is broken, nearly point-by-point,” added Appgyver CEO Lehtimaki (pictured, right).

With Toolbelt, developers with a basic understanding of HTML5 and Javascript can deploy fully-fledged hybrid apps in the cloud. Appgyver’s team has figured out a way to sidestep the tedious app testing and provisioning process; potential customers just need to scan a QR Code to download and use the app.

The additional boost in seed funding comes from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, dubbed “TEKES.”

Check out the video to learn more.

AppGyver Steroids from AppGyver on Vimeo.