Vudu, the digital Ultraviolet movie retail and rental store service owned by Walmart, is releasing a full version of its disc-to-digital software today, which is now available on Macs.

The disc-to-digital program basically allows you to spend a small fee to grab the digital version of the DVD or Bluray movie you purchased from retail stores. Initially, this was only offered to those that purchased a movie from Walmart, but that stipulation was lifted back in January, thus boosting the appeal for people who like to avoid the country’s largest mega-retail store. The pricing on the full version of Vudu’s software remains the same, with standard definition digital conversions at $2 per movie and $5 for high-definition.

It’s worth noting that when converting a Bluray, you’ll only need to spend $2 to grab the movie in HD. However, Mac users will have to spring for the $5 option to get HD version of their DVDs  since it doesn’t have a disc drive capable of reading Bluray discs.

Still, Vudu’s offer should be plenty appealing to movie buffs that want to watch their past purchases on the go. The disc-to-digital service is cheaper (in the majority of cases) than buying a standalone digital version of a movie, and the process is much less painless than converting your movies to digital formats on your own. Vudu’s player is available across lots of set-top boxes, iOS, and Android.

To kick off the full version of the desktop software, Vudu is giving away the first conversion for free and 50 percent off when you convert 10 or more movies.

Via Engadget