563504_10151314860624685_1103533358_nStartups can completely fall apart over miscommunication.

Y Combinator-backed Kippt released a new product for companies today called Inc, which seeks to improve communications among teams and provide a better alternative to email.

Kippt is a web service for finding, reading, storing, searching, and sharing information in one coherent place. Users can build an online library of anything including links, articles, videos, notes, photos, and more. They can make them public or private and choose to share them with coworkers. It is beautifully designed and works great for collecting inspiration and materials for projects, saving work resources, and maintaining one company library.

The founders “used Kippt to build Kippt.” They realized through their own experiences as well as through discussions with other startups that teams have different needs than individuals, and that expressed the need for tools that facilitated communication.

“People tend to hate company-wide email threads where they don’t get any feedback at all and wonder if people see it,” said cofounder Karri Saarinen to VentureBeat. “Also, many people we talked to were not that excited about company social networks like Yammer, or storage services like Dropbox/Gdrive are great but you can’t have discussions. We wanted to provide a lightweight tool for sharing and documenting knowledge that is beautiful, fast, and integrates in your work flow.”

Saarinen said that effective companies tend to communicate more, their people are curious, and they have opinions. Inc is intended for those teams. It basically combines web-clipping, file-storing/sharing, and chat capabilities to create an ultimate project-management platform. People can post ideas, share news, ask questions, and have discussions about various pieces of content, and companies can collectively build up dynamic information libraries that don’t involve wikis.

Additionally, everyone on the team can see who has seen what and receives a daily email about things unseen. There are search capabilities, and Inc supports Google Apps, Dropbox, Hipchat, and Flowdock.

Earlier this month, the company released Kippt Pro, which includes premium features like list folders, advanced search, and an improved import tool. In April, it opened up a new API to the developers.

These two Finnish founders have been hard at work. This is a case of a startup nipping at the edges of big companies like Evernote, Pinterest, Google, and a host of productivity startups like Asana, Basecamp, and even Dropbox and Hipchat. Its niche is bringing the best elements of all these products and bundling them into one cohesive, well-crafted service that specifically targets startups.

Inc mobile apps are coming soon.