Argus monitors your daily activities and gives you a smarter way of tracking and managing your health and fitness. Argus combines the functionality of other fitness applications in one place while providing feedback that recognizes patterns in your habits — and you can use it starting today.

Argus is the next iOS application in Azumio’s portfolio of health and wellness solutions. The application combines the functionality of many other fitness applications, but it goes a step further to provide you with meaningful data and recommendations.

By monitoring and managing your exercise, food, sleep patterns, hydration, caffeine consumption, weight and vitals, Argus helps you make decisions based on data collected to reach your health goals.

“It’s the first comprehensive app with all features for personalized use,” said Peter Kuhar, the chief technology officer and cofounder of Azumio. “For instance, you can understand how golfing affects your sleep quality.”

You can use the app for many activities, such as your daily workouts or managing your weight. Other features include automatic recognition of workouts, when to start and stop monitoring them, social integration for commenting and sharing, and sleep analysis.

Argus works nonstop in the background of your smartphone to display data in real time. By using motion-sensing and gesture recognition, Argus can pull this data while preserving battery power.

The app streamlines your data and pulls information from sensors on your smartphone, data from other Azumio applications and details from other health and fitness apps and third party wearable devices. You can use this data to identify your health trends, like analyzing your weight based on the food you eat on a daily basis.

“This is the first application that brings everything together in a single way, and in a way people want to use,” said Peter Kuhar, CTO and cofounder of Azumio.

Argus is a free app available today for the iPhone.

Since 2011, Azumio has built a suite of health and wellness solutions across a wide range of market segments, including biofeedback, fitness and nutrition. With over 40 million downloads, Azumio offers the world’s largest portfolio of consumer health and fitness applications.