The application testing startup Sauce Labs landed $5 million in Series C funding to support the company’s expansion as the leading provider of cloud-based mobile and web application-testing solutions.

Sauce Labs has run over 50 million automated tests since 2009 and ran six million tests by 10,000 users this June. Some of the largest consumer and enterprise brands, including Dropbox, Eventbrite, and Yelp, use the service, and test execution is growing more than 10 percent each month.

Today the company announced Sauce Team, a new management console that expands the Sauce Labs platform to provide monitoring, reporting, and collaboration for large enterprise users, the first in a series of new products geared toward complex enterprises.

Sauce Team enables users to manage a larger number of tests from a single location and features management dashboards that monitor active tests, enhanced continuous integration compatibility, and cross-team collaboration.

“Demand for cloud-based application development tools is exploding, and we are investing to support the needs of larger enterprises,” said John Dunham, the CEO and cofounder of Sauce Labs, in a statement. “We will use this financing to expand sales while expanding our portfolio to support every type of web and mobile application.”

Originally launched to support Selenium testing in the cloud, Sauce Labs has expanded to include manual testing, Javascript unit testing, and native, hybrid and mobile web application testing in addition to the new Sauce Team console.

The $5 million funding round was led by Toba Capital, noted entrepreneur Scott Banister, and existing investors including Triage Ventures, bringing the San Francisco-based startup’s total raised to $9.1 million since 2009.