What’s an app developer to do when an excellent idea doesn’t quite fit into their existing product? Make a spinoff app!

Tracks, the New York City-based mobile social network, is today announcing Kanvas, a free app that adds text, drawings, sound, and more to images as well share those creations on social networks.

The idea for Kanvas came out of something Tracks noticed with the latest release of its app: Younger folk really enjoyed connecting with each other around different media types. But as Tracks began to explore adding more media sharing into its core app, the company realized it couldn’t implement certain things without breaking the experience its existing users are comfortable with.

“There’s a trend right now for meme generation … we think there’s a huge gap in the marketplace for a self-expression social network,” said Vic Singh, Tracks’ founder and chief executive, in an interview with VentureBeat. “Kanvas is not what’s happening it’s a thought, it’s an opinion, it’s a feeling, it’s an emotion.”

With Tracks, Singh and his team focused on building a personal social network around your life experience. Kanvas’s goal is entirely different: It’s all about having fun with images and sharing them with your friends. The app seems reminiscent of Mixel — a now defunct app that focused on social collages — except its even more informal, likely making it more suitable for kids.