Beyond Verbal makes it easy to tell how you’re feeling simply by listening to your voice.

The Israel-based startup launched in May and develops technology that analyzes your voice to determine your emotions and thoughts in real time. The company announced today it has scored an additional $1 million in a second seed round of funding.

You can see how voices reflect emotions with Beyond Verbal’s web application Moodies, which analyzes your thoughts and feelings in just 20 seconds. The program doesn’t listen to what you’re saying — it analyzes how you’re saying it. Simply by evaluating the sound of your voice, Moodies can determine your “primary” and “secondary” moods.

“By continuing to innovate and unlock the potential of voice enabled emotional interpretation, we feel we can open up a new dimension of emotional understanding that will impact how people communicate with machines, as well as with each other,” Yuval Mor, the CEO of Beyond Verbal, said in a statement.

The new funding will expand the company’s reach into artificial intelligence and emotions analytics, a new way to decode and measure human moods, attitudes, and decision-making process.

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The funding was led by Winnovation, a fund supporting entrepreneurs and technologies in the fields of human-machine interface, brain technology, and cybersecurity. This is Beyond Verbal’s second round of funding since launching in May, bringing its total raised to $3.8 million.