With sales of its Z10 in the toilet, BlackBerry is looking ahead to its next devices — and so are the leakers.

Vietnamese tech site Tinhte has gotten its hands on BlackBerry’s next flagship, the BlackBerry A10. As you can see in the video above, the A10 is a fairly simple device, with design elements that make it look a whole lot like the HTC One.

Tinhte, for the record, has had a good history with leaks: Most recently, it got its hands on a prototype of the Moto X, which Google is expected to officially unveil next week.

Anyway, back to the BlackBerry A10. On the specs side, most rumors suggest that the device will feature  5-inch AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM, and a dual-core processor — though their aren’t too many details besides that. BlackBerry is expected to start selling the device in November and it’s apparently going to be aimed at gamers.

The leak comes at a pretty tough time for BlackBerry, which is just coming off a quarter where it lost $84 million. Those numbers, coupled with the severe price cut for the Z10, should tell you one thing: BlackBerry really needs a hit, and perhaps the A10 will be it.