This post is produced by AVG Technologies.

As smartphones become more powerful and capable, they’re attracting the same kind of viruses and malware that have plagued PCs for years.

“The threats that we see on PCs have moved into the mobile environment,” says Tony Anscombe, of AVG Technologies, a maker of mobile anti-malware software, in the video below.

The company has over 50 million downloads of its app, which can scan apps as you download them as well as scanning your phone itself to ensure that you’re not accidentally installing a virus or something with other nefarious purposes. AVG’s technology also helps warn you against phishing attacks, and gives you the ability to remotely locate or wipe your phone if it gets out of your hands.

“People need to become far more aware that there are security threats on the mobile platform,” Anscombe says.

Watch the video to find out more about the threat matrix facing mobile devices and what AVG is doing to combat it.

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