Most adults wouldn’t leave $500 sitting on a bar or use it as a koozie at a football game. But college students are in a league of their own in that regard.

Before you toss your loved child a new iPhone for the school year, consider this stat: one third of college students will lose or break their phones or have them stolen. And most of those whoopsies will happen because of beer. Or Jagermeister shots. Take your pick.

According to data released by gadget insurance company Protect Your Bubble, nearly 10 percent of students fry their phones in a “party foul” (a.k.a. booze spillage) situation. Eleven percent discover their smartphones are broken or stolen after a night at a party or bar. And nearly 11 percent of male students (8 percent of all students, regardless of gender) say they’re too blackout drunk to remember exactly how their expensive, shiny smartphones got bricked or lost or cracked or what have you.

In the Northeast region, there’s a huge spike in phone damage and loss at sporting events, with 14 percent of students reporting gadget-related accidents at football, basketball, or other games. Go team!

So, what can you do to prevent all this tomfoolery?

Step 1: Put your phone in a sturdy, water-resistant or waterproof case.

Step 2: Know where your phone is, and try to keep it in your purse or pocket, especially at games, bars, and parties.

Step 3: Look into gadget insurance, for your parents’ wallets’ sake.

Step 4: Skip above steps and just be a huge, introverted nerd. There are surprisingly few smartphone-burning incidents at D&D games, and you’ll have a better GPA that way, anyhow.