Unmetric set out in 2011 to give businesses information about all aspects of their social media engagement — from marketing to customer service requests. Today, the company received $5.5 million in its second round of funding.

There’s a lot of money to be made in social media analytics — when done right — given that many businesses use social media as a main form of marketing. Unmetric collects social data around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest and provides “business intelligence” for its customers.

Unmetric has three different main products: campaign intelligence, content intelligence, and sector benchmarks. Campaign intelligence lets customers look at all of their existing organized social campaigns and watch their success (or failure) as it happens. They can see videos take off, track hashtags, and find out which campaigns on which social networks are the most vital to the company’s marketing.

Content intelligence encompasses what’s happening on your social networks from a conversational standpoint. You can see the types of comments being made, look at how much of your own content your users can stomach (for example, shortening videos to the attention span of those watching), and more. It can also give you data on your competitors.

Lastly, Unmetric will provide goals for your company to hit under sector benchmarks.

The company has a lot of competition, however. Companies such as Radian 6 and ViralHeat. Even IBM and Google provide tools for tracking social.

The funding today comes from Jafco and Nexus Venture Partners. Unmetric is headquartered in New York City has has a number of big-name customers such as Subway, Under Armour, and Chevrolet.