Groups can be rowdy, unwieldy, and a whirlpool of different interests.

MemberPlanet publicly launched today and announced closing $2.5 million in seed funding for its software that helps keep groups organized.

MemberPlanet powers a platform where group leaders can handle communication, finance, and various other administrative tasks from a centralized place. It was built to complement social networks with a “functional network.”

Features include e-mail campaigns, surveys, volunteer recruitment, donation campaigns, payment processing, database management, event registration, group text messaging and calendaring, discussion boards, and event-based photo-sharing. Leaders can also manage multiple groups from a single dashboard.

There are groups for just about anything you can think of, and even groups within groups. MemberPlanet’s focus is on community groups like school organizations, sports teams, church groups, university clubs, alumni associations, and nonprofits who still rely on paper to run their operations or are cobbling together multiple systems.

During the past year, MemberPlanet has worked with 4,000 different groups to help them track their data and connect with their community in a more organized, professional way. The business is a freemium model, which charges more for advanced features.

Investors include Dann Angeloff, the president of the Angeloff Companies; Russ Epstein, the former global chief information officer for CBRE Global Investors; and Mark McKinley, the cofounder of Equator and former president of HomesDirect, which eBay bought in 2002.

MemberPlanet is based in Los Angeles.