Learn-to-code company Treehouse has just launched a new course for those of y’all who don’t quite have your heads around version control.

Git Basics is what it sounds like: an introduction to the most popular version control system around.

You’ll learn about branches, merging, collaborative repositories (à la GitHub), and how to make Git and version control part of your everyday workflow.

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“Version control is an incredibly important aspect of working in the software industry, and with the advent of services like GitHub can even be a powerful tool for building your reputation and network within the community,” said Treehouse founder Ryan Carson in an email exchange with VentureBeat.

“This makes version control an important topic for all of our students; in particular, learning Git — one of the most popular version control systems in use today — is an exciting step towards preparing them for a job in the software industry.”

Here’s a trailer for the course:

Treehouse was founded in late 2011 and has taken a total of $12.4 million to date in venture capital. Students pay a monthly fee of $30 to $50, and the company has also signed larger deals with enterprise-level companies such as Disney.