Data security is no longer just a problem for big businesses — with the proliferation of tablets, cheap computers, and smartphones, families also need a way to protect their data and devices.

With that market in mind, SnapOne today has launched a cross-platform suite of cloud-based backup, security, and media tools. The company has also partnered with IQmetrix, a retail technology firm, to bring its suite to mobile retailers.

The Snap One tools include Snap Secure, a backup solution that also protects your devices and family members (it can track your family members’ location, has a panic button, and can remotely disable your device); Snap Sync, which synchronizes your data backups to the cloud; and Snap Play, which lets you manage and play back music and videos from the web. Up to six family members can use the Snap One suite at once, and it supports all major computer and mobile platforms.

While there’s a free Snap One offering for two devices, most families would start with the $99 annual subscription, which includes 25 gigabytes of storage. As part of its deal with IQmetrix, you can also get 30 gigabytes of storage for the same price. You can scale the Snap One suite up to 500 gigabytes of storage for $500 a year.

“SnapOne was introduced to iQmetrix in early 2012 and iQmetrix immediately saw value in offering a service that allows families to share storage, apps and content,” SnapOne CEO Jiren Parikh said in an e-mail to VentureBeat. “We’re excited to provide a cloud service that consumers can download to their new device while they’re in the store, so they benefit from being safer, connected, and more organized right away.”

SnapOne is based in Princeton, New Jersey and is funded to the tune of $4 million by Edison Ventures and Sycamore Ventures.