Cleverbug, a mobile greeting card app whose name evokes the wit of the insect world, has relaunched and rebranded itself as CleverCards. The company behind CleverCards will continue to be known as Cleverbug – possibly because those who work there enjoy referring to themselves as Cleverbuggers – but it has now expanded its focus to include social gifting of all sorts.

The renamed app from the Dublin-based firm generates free and personalized photo-based mobile greeting cards that draw on your Facebook social profile and can be delivered as digital or printed cards, giving you little or no cover for forgetting those special birthdays and other occasions. (With all the automated reminders and easy apps to show that you remember, perhaps Cleverbug should next release an Excuses Generator.)

‘Palm of your hand’

Founder and CEO Kealan Lennon said in a statement that the rebranding was just the beginning “for the kind of meaningful personalization and emotional significance we can bring to our products.” He added that the company envisioned this kind of low-cost, easy-to-use-and-send greeting card capability “across several gift categories, all from the palm of your hand.”

The relaunched app now offers compatibility for iOS, Android, and desktop devices, selections for all major U.S and global holidays plus special occasions, integration with Facebook as well as optional integration with outside-Facebook contacts, and standardized prices for global shipping.

Soon joining CleverCards in the family line of products will be CleverBook, which complements CleverCards by helping to “manage and curate users’ closest relationships and events worth celebrating.”