After successfully bringing games to its mobile messaging apps, Tango is embracing another type of media: music.

The company announced today that it has integrated Spotify into its new Tango Music feature, which will allow you to listen to 30-second music clips with your friends using Spotify’s extensive library in Tango’s Android and iPhone apps. While you can’t listen to full songs (yet), Tango believes the integration will help its 160 million users “set the mood” for their conversations.

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And since short text and video clips are all the rage now, Tango’s users may find a lot to love from short music clips.

“[Spotify’s catalog] is probably the most premium content on the [Tango] platform,” Tango CTO Eric Setton told me in a recent chat. “I’m certain that the reason this partnership makes sense for Spotify is that we’re so established in North America, which is important to them because they’re a bit late to the game. Establishing themselves in mobile is very important.”

Setton hinted that this is just the first of many new brand-name partnerships for Tango. Down the line, we’ll likely see some video sharing partnerships as well. Even though Tango Music only gives its users short clips of songs, it’s yet another feature that will keep users within Tango’s apps. For mobile app developers, even those who are already successful, keeping user eyeballs focused on their apps is crucial.

Tango initially started off as a cross-platform video messaging app, but with the addition of text messaging and games, it has grown into a multi-functional communications platform. The company also added desktop apps for Windows and OS X ax well. Setton tells me the company is seeing more than 60 million monthly active users now. It also has nearly 20 games on its platform, after launching its game integration back in June.

Tango was founded in 2009 and has raised a total of $87 million from investors including Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Qualcomm Ventures, Access Venture Partners, Bill Tai, Len Blavatnik, and Alex Zubillaga.