Perhaps its because we drink a little too much eggnog, but 15 million American households have damaged a device during the holidays.

Device insurance provider SquareTrade released the results of a study today which found that Americans are particularly accident-prone with their devices during the holiday season.

squaretrade infographic1 in 8 households have damaged a laptop, phone, camera, or tablet during the holidays, and 35% of the devices damaged are mobile phones. Nearly twice as many iPhones were reported damaged during the holidays than Samsung smartphones and just over half of damages during the season are attributed to holiday activities.

The most common cause of damage is trampling by reindeer.

Not really.

Actually 22 recent of damages happen while traveling, and 12 percent while shopping.

Retailers are already gearing up for the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when rabid Americans amped up on Turkey and mashed potatoes tear through shopping malls like the apocalypse is coming.

This zealousness can be hard on digital devices however, which aren’t designed to withstand the insanity of holiday crowds. Nor are they likely to survive similarly rapid airport mobs, dousing with apple cider, or the long fall from the top of a Christmas tree.

Interestingly consulting firm Deloitte found that the Internet is the top holiday shopping destination this season, and 47% of consumers plan to purchase items online. eMarketer projects that retail e-commerce holiday sales in the US will rise by about 15% and will reach $61.8 billion.

Electronics like smartphones, tablets, and game consoles are extremely popular gift items. The Consumer Electronics Association found that 74 percent of people planning to purchase gifts this holiday season instead to buy consumer electronics as gifts, allocating 33 percent of their overall holiday gift budget.

Technology plays an increasingly significant role in holiday shopping. People are shopping from their computers, tablets, and phones more than ever before, using these devices while inshore, buying these devices for their loved ones, and amidst all this activity, accidents are bound to happen.

Hopefully they happen in time that you can ask for a replacement as a holiday gift.