To date Soundrop has existed as a music service that lives on Spotify’s baked-in app platform. But the service is now moving beyond those boundaries.

Today Soundrop announced that it is opening up its service to Europe-based music service Deezer, a direct competitor to Spotify that is planning a launch in the U.S. in the near future.

Soundrop’s listening rooms let you create social music spaces via Spotify, Facebook, (and now Deezer) where people can listen to music together, chat, and vote on what they want to hear next. Soundrop even has an iOS app that helps fill in the music gaps in Spotify’s library with YouTube videos.

The service is a lot like the recently deceased, which makes the timing with its Deezer partnership perfect.

Founded in January 2012, the Oslo, Norway-based startup has raised $3 million in funding to date.