Yes, one day soon your smoke detector is going to need to be secured. And Mocana is already thinking about how to do it.

The mobile security company received $15 million in funding today.

Mocana focuses on mobile security in the enterprise and for developers. The company’s products range from app and web-specific security to a no-coding software development kit, and now the company is looking into protecting the “Internet of Things.”

The Internet of Things is the connection of  everyday devices to the Internet. We already have Internet-connected televisions, thermostats, refrigerators, smoke detectors, and more. Foundry Group managing director Brad Feld refers to these products as “enchanted objects.” But anything that is connected to the Internet is at risk of being tampered with.

Today’s funding will go not only toward building out Mocana’s mobile security products, but it will also go toward its Internet of Things security. The company already works directly with device manufacturers and is seemingly well positioned to get in early on securing one of the next big hacking targets: Wi-Fi-enabled stuff.  The company says it already protects products from over 300 device manufacturers, including General Dynamics, Cisco, and Honeywell.

Mocana has raised around $50 million to date. GE Ventures led today’s $15 million round with participation from existing investors Shasta Ventures, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Symantec, and Trident Capital.