Oh, it’s all peppermint mochas and seasonal ice rinks and Yankee Candle outlets — until someone steals the iPad mini you just got from Meemaw and giddily opened on the 22nd.

Serves you right, you Santa-hating glutton.

But seriously, it’s not just you. Around 8 percent of people report gadget theft during the holidays. You might say they done got grinched.

Some helpful hints: From now until January 6 or so, leave your gadgets locked away at home, perhaps in a hard-to-find place, even.

Not on the sweater table at Old Navy, not by the crab legs at the holiday brunch buffet, and most definitely not in your mid-range sedan in the mall parking lot.

From our friends at Protect Your Bubble, we bring you some cheer-sapping stats:

Holiday Realities