Smartwatches, smart glasses, wearables of all kinds — and for some weird reason, Audi.

But not the Toq smartwatch from Qualcomm. Never that.

That’s the shortlist of buzz-laden hardware from CES, the Mecca of gadgetry, to which we’ll be heading tomorrow.

Thanks to social media data, our pals at social analysis firm Digimind have found out what y’all’re most interested in seeing, hearing about, and someday actually purchasing.

So far, the most buzzed-about concepts associated with CES are:

  1. Watches (46 percent of mentions)
  2. YouTube’s 4K tech (19 percent of mentions)
  3. Android (14 percent of mentions)
  4. Smartphones (9 percent of mentions, mostly Samsung)
  5. Audi’s Quattro Laserlight (8 percent of mentions)

More specifically, four smartwatches are already taking leading spots in the public eye: Echo, Pebble, ZTE, and Sony.

Poor Qualcomm is out in the social media snow with its Toq watch, however. According to Digimind, “The Toq smartwatch isn’t faring as well, with only 11 percent of the online chatter being positive, mainly due to manufacturing issues. This is in contrast to 82 percent of the overall mentions around smartwatches being positive.”

Google Glass and clones are also getting favorable mentions around the Intertubes. And, notes Digimind, “Sentiment is positive at 87 percent, despite comments around aesthetics.”

As noted, the VentureBeat staff will be in full-on gadget mode starting at the daggone crack of dawn Sunday morning. While the show itself doesn’t open until Tuesday morning, January 7, there will be news happening on Sunday and a whole slew of press conferences on Monday. We’ll be on the ground in Vegas to bring you all the major announcements from the big companies, as well as really cool stuff and interviews you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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