The idea of self-destructing messaging applications is nothing new, but no one has really mastered the concept yet, which means there’s lots of room for innovation.

Wickr is an app that lets you send messages in many different forms, including text, photos, images, and videos. The encrypted messaging data is tied to a device rather than a person or a user account, and that data is set to “self destruct” once you finish a conversation.

This sort of functionality is increasingly important in the NSA data-tracking era, where troves of information has been compromised under the guise of being secure. Wickr said it services over 1 million messages per day to people in 190 countries. The startup also claims its usage is doubling every other month, which is impressive.

Today Wickr announced that it’s closed a $9 million series A round of funding. The funding was let by Alsop Louie, a venture firm that set aside $100 million to invest in security-related technologies and startups. Other strategic investors include former CIA ventures head Gilman Louie, Human Rights Foundation president Thor Halvorssen, Juniper Networks, Knight Foundation, former U.S. counterterrorism czar Richard A. Clarke, and others.

Wickr said it plans to use the new capital to continue to develop its standalone messaging app as well as further its business model, which includes a pro version of the app for power users. It may also license its encryption technology to third-party groups.