The long-awaited global launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 missed its launch date. It was not delayed; rather, it started selling two weeks ahead of schedule.

This was pulled off by Samsung’s distribution partners in Korea – SK Telecom and KT Telecom. SK Telecom was the first to start selling the device on Thursday, March 27. Later, KT also decided to start selling, as it did not want to be left behind SK Telecom.

There were many reports of an early launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 floating around. But Samsung did not take any actions and failed to stop SK Telecom from going ahead with the launch. Samsung chief JK Shin on March 26 denied any changes in the schedule and said the launch will happen on April 11.

The unofficial launch happened in Korea on March 26. Now, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is available for purchase even in the U.S.. The price is on the higher side in U.S., as the devices are being imported from Korea.

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This turn of events is definitely going to dampen the official worldwide launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 planned for April 11. Samsung has responded with a statement saying it will look into the matter.

The unofficial sale of Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to have happened because of the business suspension faced by SK Telecom from Korea Communication Commission (KCC).

SK Telecom has been asked to stop selling to consumers from the first week of March 2014 for a period of 45 days. This means SK Telecom will lose out on sales of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5 during the ban period. In a competitive market like Korea, this could mean heavy losses for SK Telecom.

SK Telecom is one of the largest players in Korea. We have to wait and see if Samsung plans to take any action against it.

This story originally appeared on BeSUCCESS. Copyright 2014