Stray Boots, a startup that makes exploring your city feel like a game, is hoping to turn its users into tour guides.

The company, which first launched in 2009 with SMS-based scavenger hunts, believes the best way to expand its catalog of smartphone walking tours is to bring in user-generated content.

Stray Boots chief executive Avi Millman tells VentureBeat that he’s received tour requests from 25 different countries but has no way to get to all of them in time by creating the content in-house.

Millman expects some power users will want to make tours to establish themselves as experts. Others, Millman says, will likely use the service for more personal reasons. The company has received custom tour requests ranging from individual bachelorette parties to marriage proposals.

“We want to create a Stray Boots tour for any purpose,” says Millman. “There are many more use cases than we were handling.” According to Millman, many users have requested the ability to make tours for out-of-town friends. Millman wants those people to use Stray Boots instead of writing out a list on pen and paper. This use-case competes with other startups, including CityMaps, which allows users to create and share lists of their favorite places.

For now, Stray Boots only lets you create tours on the desktop, but it plans to make mobile tools available eventually. Until then, you can head here to give the service a try.