The Internet age has brought us many treasures, including a non-lethal version of Thor’s hammer, a non-functional suit of Iron Man armor, and even the beginnings of a full-scale Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame.

So, it’s about time someone made Marvel Comics’ signature character Spider-Man’s web shooters a reality.

Well True Believers, that day has arrived.

As you can see in the video demo embedded below, German hobbyist Patrick Priebe has built a real-life functioning version of the web head’s most useful tool, web shooters.

Like the comic book version, Priebe’s shooters attach to your wrist and fires a harpoon-tipped fishing line. To make them authentic, you’d need Peter Parker’s “patented” web fluid recipe, which sort of doesn’t really exist (yet), but a harpoon-tipped translucent fishing line is a logical replacement for now.

Check out the demo video below for a closer look.

Via Gizmag