Creating and delivering software doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. As software companies face fiercer and fierce competition, they need to iterate on their products quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruptions. Electric Cloud has been helping them do that for over a decade, and apparently successfully so.

The company is announcing that it has grabbed a fresh $12 million in funding as it continues to grow its software production business. After raising a first $8 million of this round back in September, the company has received an additional $4 million from its current investors, including Siemens’s Venture Capital, U.S. Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, RRE Ventures, and Rembrandt Venture Partners.

Electric Cloud’s main focus is an approach to software development called “Continuous Delivery,” which consists of automation of testing and deployment for more frequent and smaller software fixes. This allows software developers to “continuously be developing” their software, and quickly iterate and update their products and offerings.

“Continuous Delivery is critical for software organizations that want to accelerate the delivery of quality code as a means of better serving customers and gaining a competitive advantage,” said Rembrandt Venture Partners general partner Douglas Schrier in an official statement.

The company offers a solution for Agile software development, an end-to-end built-test-release solution for Android device manufacturing, an automotive software creation and delivery solution, and a Continuous Delivery solution that can quickly be scaled for multiple teams and complex projects.

“Companies such as Netflix and Etsy, who understand and deliver on a Continuous Delivery approach, are reaping the business rewards. They are differentiating their user experience based on rapid and iterative feedback,” said Andi Gutsman in a contributed piece to VentureBeat just last last month.

Electric Cloud indeed counts prominent tech companies as customers, including Shell Oil, Epic Games, Splunk, and SpaceX.

The company views this funding round’s second close as a sign of the growing importance of its products and offerings to software developers.

“As Agile and DevOps initiatives extend deeper within internet-based and enterprise software organizations, the demand for Continuous Delivery automation continues to drive growth for our company,” said Electric Cloud chief executive Steve Brodie in an official statement.

“Closing our over-subscribed Series E funding round will accelerate not only company growth but also new levels of innovation that will help customers deliver better software more efficiently than ever before,” Brodie added.

Electric Cloud was founded in 2002 and is based in Sunnyvale, Calif. This new funding brings the company’s total to $29.6 million.