Los Altos-based SaaS security startup Vorstack secured $5.2 million in venture funding Tuesday.

Vorstack’s SaaS product finds and prioritizes cyber threats and attacks that are being targeted specifically at your company. Customers using Vorstack’s platform can analyze in real time what is attacking your network and validate the intrusion, Vorstack chief executive Joe Eandi told VentureBeat.

“We use virtualization very effectively,” Eandi said. “Installing Vorstack inside your network allows you to integrate Splunk and Hadoop, for example. Where are you securing your log and security data?”

For Eandi, obviously, the answer is Vorstack.

For security providers, the concept of intercepting, analyzing, and acting on threat data simultaneously is crucial. Indeed, Eandi said had retail giant (and recent hacking objective) Target been using a platform like Vorstack’s, they would have known about the threat when it was happening and countered the attacks head-on at the same time.

“Target had the information but didn’t know how to act on it,” Eandi said.

$5.2 million is a healthy round of capital for a startup ramping up quickly. Vorstack currently has 18 employees and is looking to hire more. Since launching in 2012, Vorstack has raised a total of nearly $8 million. Eandi said programmers initially sought to build an overly ambitious virtual security platform but whittled down the concept to become what it is today.

Glenn McGonnigle and Tom Noonan of TechOperators pitched in for the latest round, as did EMC Ventures and Aligned Partners.

The affable Eandi stressed that Vorstack’s beauty is in its automation.

“We’re taking automation to the next level. Our benefit is giving clients automation and control” over networks and databases.

“We are the first and last mile in the process of collaboration. From day one, our value proposition is that clients need control of automation,” Eandi said.

Vorstack will release further details about the company next week.