An online destination providing an exciting way to participate in the local food experience


Agrilicious ( launches the first-of-its-kind national go-to source for all things local food. The website helps you find, select and celebrate the benefits of locally sourced food.

Agrilicious is also about expanding the family-farmer connection, bringing together individuals, farmers, restaurants, grocery delivery, meal kit services, distributors, educators and food industry experts and advocates to share ideas, connect, and make a difference.

Celebrating the best of food, farms and family – Agrilicious is not just for the foodies, Locavores and farmers, it’s for all those working with farmers to help get local food to the community. Most of all it’s for those of us who are becoming increasingly curious and concerned about the food we eat…where it’s from…and what is actually in it.

In a recent study by Sullivan Higdon & Sink’s FoodThink:

70% of consumers would like to know more about where food actually comes from

92% think local and organic just tastes better than conventional food

79% would like to buy more local food

CEO Duane Dahl says, “Making good food choices has become a priority for all of us, and we wanted to use our team’s expertise to help advance the local food movement. Agrilicious brings together families, farmers and the food industry to share, connect and to make a difference. We are pleased to provide direct access and quality information about local food that is important to the mainstream consumer.”

Agrilicious launch features include:

  • Over 100,000 listings and enhanced profiles of all things local food – the most available in one place online today
  • Search tools allowing individuals, Agripreneurs and B2B food suppliers to connect online and offline
  • Informative, engaging content – food, farming and agriculture news, independent reviews and analysis, columns, education, a blog and featured farms and businesses
  • AnswerVille – Have a question related to food, farming or gardening? Get them answered here!
  • Agrilicious-TV features informative videos from industry experts, food-related documentaries, and exclusive programming including “In Search of Food,” an online series featuring Joel Salatin, Ann Cooper, Alice Waters, chef and advocate Scott Pampuch, and chef and author Barton Seaver.

So let Agrilicious help you “spring” into action and make the most of your food, farming and gardening activities. Experience the impact your choices can make with Agrilicious as your resource. Visit today!


Agrilicious ( is at the heart of the food movement, providing an exciting way to participate in the local food experience while expanding the family-and-farmer connection. The go-to source for all things local food – families, farmers, restaurants, grocery delivery and meal kit services, distributers, educators and food industry advocates and experts all come together through Agrilicious to share ideas, connect, and make a difference. Based in Seattle, WA, Agrilicious SPC is a Social Purpose Corporation. You can follow Agrilicious! @AgriliciousSPC.

Duane Dahl, 206-941-1743