AOL-owned movie showtime service Moviefone is making a pretty big leap in its latest update.

The change? Well, Moviefone now wants to be the go-to place for TV listings. The move not only runs counter to the service’s name but also pushes it into direct competition with the TV Guide app and a slew of other services.

Moviefone previously drew in users through its traditional toll-free theater showtime listing phone line and through movie news and review content. But those offerings are no longer a part of the service, which now exists exclusively online.

Lloyd Braun, founder and CEO of Whalerock Industries (the company that runs the service for AOL), said the push into TV makes sense because the lines are already starting to blur between television series and films. In terms of quality, I can certainly agree, as any episode of House of Cards or Game of Thrones is on par with the majority of movies getting released. (Also, Marvel Entertainment is helping to blur those lines via its cinematic comic universe intermixing with ABC TV show Agents of SHIELD.)

Although, with fewer people watching linear TV, the update from Moviefone seems a bit late.

However, Moviefone said users will be able to check to see where TV shows are available across multiple streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, and other sites as well as get live TV listings for cable and satellite TV.

The service, which claims to have about 10 million active users, said people will still be able to check theater showtime listings and buy movie tickets through the service.