Google has yet again gussied up its email, calendar, document collaboration, and file-sharing services to appeal to the fattest of fat cats: The enterprise — including schools and government agencies.

As Google campaigns to sell businesses on its cloud-based email, file storage, and calendar services, it needs to articulate how secure and reliable its apps are.

Google has been doing more toward that end recently, with new features for handling employees’ email, according to a blog post today from Amit Singh, president of Google’s enterprise division.

Admins can now choose to block or re-route emails employees would send or receive, depending on the content of attachments, Singh wrote. Admins can also set routing policies for email filtering through Google, including when email is sent through another service, like Microsoft Exchange.

New TLS encryption can help eavesdropping of email, too.

Some companies might have grown skeptical of Google as a trustworthy holder of their data jewels in recent months, following ex-National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden’s disclosure of the PRISM program last year. These latest moves could help assuage companies a bit more and help Google’s public perception as a enterprise-friendly tech vendor.

The new features have rolled out to Google Apps business, education, and government customers, Singh wrote.