CyberX, a security startup with tentacles in Israel and focused on what it calls the Internet’s industrial domain, raised $2 million in venture funding Wednesday.

The seed round was led by Glilot Capital Partners with participation from the Swarth Group and assorted angels.

CyberX chief Omer Schneider cut his teeth in Web security with different roles within the Israeli Defense Forces cyber unit. The Israelis have long been at the cutting edge of Internet security and are recognized internationally for launching killer viruses, e.g., Stuxnet, and protecting domains.

CyberX was hatched in Tel Aviv and recently opened an office in Palo Alto for proximity, obviously. The startup has moved aggressively to line up clients Stateside. As Schneider said, CyberX focus is on protecting “Industrial Internet networks.”

CyberX's Omer Schneider

Above: CyberX’s Omer Schneider

Image Credit: Omer Scheider

That is, power companies and big enterprises, for example.

Schneider spoke to VentureBeat from a packed stadium in Tel Aviv where he was waiting for the Rolling Stones to take the stage.

“Unfortunately, every digital system is susceptible to attacks. The outcome of a cyber-attack in the case of infrastructure and energy manufacturers doesn’t mean financial and reputational damages. Hackers can now take down an entire power grid.”

CyberX’s security solution amasses network data and passes it to backend servers, where it is analyzed. The collected data is refined and then synthesized. CyberX is able to tell in real time whether your network is functioning properly or if there’s trouble.

The key here, said Schneider, is both threat detection and protection. Schneider is a former member of the elite Israeli National Cyber Security Initiative, and that has given him a ringside seat to some of the most intuitively creative viruses loosed upon the world’s networks.

Schneider put it this way: “CyberX’s technology enables the protection of networks with its adaptive learning and awareness to physical and logical operations and processes.”

Give our best to Keith and the boys, Omer!