A powerful trend in mobile is taking shape: Smaller, faster, less expensive, and more intelligent connected devices are everywhere. Backing them up is increasingly powerful cloud software that leverages machine learning to draw inferences and make predictions.

And the convergence of these two trends is happening faster than anyone imagined.

A growing number of mobile app developers (many in the “productivity” category) are embracing the opportunities that this convergence presents by creating apps that learn from and react to people’s behavior and the connected world around them.

Session Speakers:

Max Wheeler

Max Wheeler, CEO & Founder, Alminder

Mikael Berner

Mikael Berner, Founder & CEO, EasilyDo

Raj Singh

Raj Singh, Founder & CEO, Tempo AI

Omer Perchick

Omer Perchik, Founder & CEO, Any.do

Machine learning technologies can be a powerful addition to productivity apps like Mynd, EasilyDo, Any.Do, and Tempo.

But the applications of these exciting technologies go far beyond the productivity category.

At MobileBeat (July 8-9 in San Francisco), we’ll be joined by the CEOs of four of the hottest predictive apps companies today: Max Wheeler from Mynd, Mikael Berner from EasilyDo, Omer Perchik from Any.do, and Raj Singh from Tempo. In this working session they’ll explore how companies can use predictive technologies to fuel user retention and growth in a broad variety of consumer-facing applications, not just productivity apps.

VentureBeat senior editor Devindra Hardawar will lead the discussion.

How can companies outside of the productivity category — including banking, retail, travel, hospitality, professional services and more — use machine learning and predictive technologies to fuel growth on mobile?

In this session, we’ll explore what it takes to tap into contextual cues, like location, calendar events, and email, to better predict and respond to what their consumers want. We’ll also look at what other cues (and sensors) can help companies better understand and respond to customer needs and intent.

Predictive tech is just one part of the vision of this year’s MobileBeat event, which will attract 1,000 mobile visionaries, leading brands, analysts, developers, investors, and press for two days packed with high-value discussions, actionable lessons, exclusive announcements, and lots of networking.

Grab your tickets now to save $200! The price shoots up next week and seats are very limited.

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