Meet You, a Chinese app for females to track their periods, announced yesterday $35 million in funding led by SIG. Matrix Partners China and China Renaissance K2 Ventures also participated.

New funds will be injected in the construction of the team and its female community, the company said.

So far, the startup has raised three rounds in about a year: millions in June 2013, and $15 million in additional funding led by Matrix Partners China and followed by the startup’s founding team.

Meet You started the business as a menstruation period-tracking app and gradually shifted its focus to constructing a female community, where users can discuss and share tips on various topics, like parenting, fashion, fitness, and relationships.

Launched in April 2013, the app now claims more than 50 million registered users, with over 3.5 million active users.

Meet You is expected to commercialize its service by the end of this year with an innovative business model SIG board member Eric Xu said.

Dayima, a direct competitor of Meet You, announced $30 million in funding recently.

Female health tracking apps are more and more common in China. According to statistics from research institution Analysys, monthly active users for similar female health tracking apps exceeded 9 million. But the competition in the arena is becoming fiercer.

In addition to major players like Meet You and Dayima, a lot of new startups also have set their sights on this field, such as fertility app Xiaohuasheng. Glow, an U.S. fertility app, is also preparing to tap the Chinese market.

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