Here’s our roundup for all the notable funding news of the day:

RetailNext takes $30M

RetailNext, a company that specializes in providing data-analysis tools to retailers, has raised a $30 million late-stage round of investment. The company says that it provides e-commerce-style metrics for brick-and-mortar stores using sensors that track the physical activity of actual human shoppers. It counts 140 companies in 40 different countries as its customers, and it says it is adding 400 to 1,000 new stores to its analysis every month.

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Xapo grabs $20M

Can underground, offline lockers — protected by armed guards and biometric access — help solve Biktcoin’s banking problems? At least one startup, Xapo, believes they can. Today the startup announced a new round of $20 million in funding, which Greylock Partners and Index Ventures co-led. The new investment, which brings the total thus far to $40 million, brings the startup’s valuation to $100 million.

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Cloudian raises $24M

Hybrid cloud vendor Cloudian raised $24 million in new funding today — bringing its total financing to $44 million. The startup’s thesis is that cloud storage often works best when paired with onsite storage. That dual approach offers its clients the speed and scalability of cloud services like Amazon Web Services, CloudStack, and OpenStack while enabling enterprise-level companies to keep their most sensitive data on private servers.

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WordStream gets $12M

Search marketing firm WordStream announced this morning that it has raised $12 million in venture capital to keep growing and innovating. WordStream offers Internet marketing software for search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, helping companies optimize their websites, landing pages, and Google AdWords campaigns.

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Spark takes $4.5M

A startup called Spark wants to help you connect all of your stuff — home appliances and anything else you can put a chip into – to the Web, and it has just raised $4.5 million dollars to do it. The race to build a smart home is big, and Spark’s tech stack may be able to widen the market. The stack involves two components, Spark Core and Spark Cloud. Spark Core is an Arduino-like system that makes it easy to connect products to the Web — an often costly process for appliance makers.

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FishBrain catches $2.4M

FishBrain, a mobile app and social network for fans of sport-fishing, has closed a new $2.4 million round of funding today. The Stockholm-based startup helps people connect with other sport-fishing fans as well as helps them improve their own fishing skills by gathering and managing vast amounts of meteorological and user data. The round was led by Northzone and Active Venture Partners.

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GetYou raises $1.1M

GetYou — an app designed to help people see how well other people “get” them — received $1.1 million in seed funding today. The app stands to harness the power of first impressions in a potentially positive way.

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