Oh, my. Today was a huge day in the land of money-moving. Not only did all sorts of companies get new funding, but we also saw the launch of two new VC funds and an acquisition.

Here are today’s funding deals:

Malwarebytes takes in $30M

Malwarebytes chief executive Marcin Kleczynski may be one of the smartest 24 year olds in Silicon Valley. He launched his security play in 2008 while a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with his own cash, made $500,000 his first year in business, and never took a penny of investor money. Until now.

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Altierre raises $21M

It takes lots of time to walk around a store and change all of those price tags. The San Jose, Calif.-based Altierre Corp. makes digital product labeling system that connects back to a retailer’s pricing systems via low-power wireless technology.

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Avere grabs $20M

Avere Systems, a company that sells data center storage hardware containing fast solid-state drives and more traditional hard disk drives, announced today $20 million in fresh funding. The deal should have the effect of making Avere a bigger name in storage land. A big-name investor led the new round: Western Digital Capital, the investment arm of storage giant Western Digital.

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Jobandtalent raises $14M 

Jobandtalent, a recruitment site designed to better match jobhunters with jobs, just raised $14 million in Series A funding. The site uses linguistic analysis to help job seekers find job opportunities they wouldn’t normally be presented with. The Jobandtalent algorithm evaluates job ads and résumés to find good matches.

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Syapse grabs $10M

Health care software provider Syapse has raised $10 million in a Series B round of financing, the company announced today. Diseases such as cancer often require complex, precise care. Syapse is dedicated to improving how medical professionals diagnose and treat these conditions.

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Bop.fm brings in $2M

VentureBeat reporter Kia Kokalitcheva recently argued with a couple of colleagues over which music streaming service to use for their shared work playlists, but a young startup called Bop.fm might just be the solution. The company, which announced a new $2 million in funding today, enables listeners to make playlists independently of the music services they use.

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