Updated at 10:50 a.m. PST to correct the total funding raised by Sympler and its strategy for making money.

Recording yourself in the mirror for 20 seconds while dancing to a song in the background doesn’t exactly qualify as a music video, and it sure isn’t entertaining to watch. A new startup hopes to fix that.

Sympler, a free iOS app, is launching out of beta today to help you quickly and easily create 20-second music videos using up to six different videos and photos as well as a song of your choice. The app is the latest to jump on the short-video bandwagon made popular by Vine and Instagram.

Sympler also functions a bit like hot video editing app Magisto in the sense that you don’t really need to know anything about video editing to combine multiple pieces of content into one coherent clip. And once you select all the media you’d like to combine, you’re instructed to tap the video clips to the beat of the music to create a mix, chose a caption, and then publish it for others to see. There’s even an option for you to “remix” your friend’s short music videos to see if you can do better.

“Everything is now editable. So Sympler fuels the urge to hack, co-create, and remix using video as the medium,” said Sympler cofounder Ben Jenkins in a statement.

The startup told VentureBeat it plans to generate money by eventually building an enterprise-level product that gives clients (brands and media partners) access to a CMS and analytics dashboard for all the content produced. It’ll be interesting to see if Sympler takes off in the increasingly crowded market of short video creation services now available.

Founded in 2013, the New York-based startup has raised $250,000 in funding to date and faces indirect competition from Magisto, Streamweaver, and others. Check out the demo video embedded below for a closer look at the service.