Here at the VB offices, we’ve been enjoying the creativity of the people who named today’s crop of funded startups. Foodpanda: Cute! BuzzFeed: Spot on! Weddington Way: So twee! Zubie: Um, ok?

With no further ado, here’s today’s funding news.

Food delivery startup Foodpanda raises $60M

Foodpanda is part of a growing list of food delivery startups that have been gaining attention over the last year. The startup itself operates similarly to GrubHub in the sense that users can browse a list of restaurant delivery options within their specific city. To help you decide where to eat, Foodpanda offers restaurant ratings, estimated delivery times, fees, an online menu, and more. The service is nice for customers but also helps food vendors extend their business and distribution beyond a brick-and-mortar store.The company will use the additional capital to continue its global expansion. The service is already available in over 40 countries.

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BuzzFeed picks up $50M in A16Z money

Andreessen Horowitz sees Buzzfeed as a “full stack startup,” not just a content-production company, with over 100 technologists on its team, building a platform used by over 200 writers and editors. And yes, it has graduated beyond mere listicles and cute cat galleries to long-form writing, hiring journalists with serious cred, even including a Pulitzer winner.

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Fiverr’s $30M funding shows that the TaskRabbit model is growing

Fiverr’s online marketplace enables people to either post tasks or jobs they’re available to do and for what price, taking its name from the original $5 gigs postings until it upped the maximum price to $500 last summer. The listings on Fiverr are usually in creative areas such as writing thank you notes or painting someone’s portrait, and most of them are things people can handle remotely. Fiverr lets the freelancers set their own price when posting their jobs.

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360fly scores $17.8M as investors bet big on interactive 360-degree video (exclusive)

360fly’s flagship camera is rugged and portable, similar to the first-person video cameras we’re seeing from companies like GoPro. In addition to shooting a full 360 degrees horizontally, it also shoots 240 degrees worth of video vertically.

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Nasuni raises $10M as more vendors dig data-to-the-cloud hardware

Just when you think software is eating the world, data-center hardware gets more validation.

Today Nasuni, a company that sells boxes that shoot data from onsite data centers to public clouds, announced $10 million in new funding.

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Weddington Way raises $9M to bring collaborative shopping to weddings

Weddington Way has built a site where people preparing for weddings can shop together. The site is an interactive e-commerce space where brides can attempt to find everything they need to plan their wedding, and can get help from their bridal party and other family members.

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Zubie raises $8M for in-dash connected car device

Zubie makes a small device that plugs in underneath the dash and reports car health stats to a smartphone in the car. It also offers social features for detecting loved ones who might also be on the road.

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TelePharm raises $2.5M for web-based telepharmacy platform

TelePharm’s platform enables a central pharmacist located somewhere else (in a larger city, perhaps) to inspect and verify prescriptions that are being dispensed by technicians in a rural pharmacy. A privacy-compliant videoconferencing feature allows patients to get face-to-face consults with a pharmacist when needed, even from home.

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And, here are two deals we published on Friday, but too late for the last Funding Daily:

Beam raises $5M for smartphone-connected toothbrush

Beam’s toothbrush measures how long you brush and how often, and it reports the data to an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

CareDox is raising a $3.1M booster round for cloud health records

CareDox’s product grew out of an earlier product that helped moms share their kids’ medical records with schools, summer camps, and physicians.




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