Enterprises are starting to get interested in using Google Glass-type eyewear in the workplace to make their workers smarter, faster, and more agile.

See it as a first step toward the complete melding of man and machine in the workforce. Cybernetic construction workers. Deep-circuit doctors. Bionic baristas.

One of several companies trying to leverage smart wearables in the enterprise is New York City-based Augmate, a wearable-technology software startup that specializes in the development and deployment of enterprise applications for smart eyewear, which announced today that it has raised $2.8 million in seed funding.

In case you thought we were kidding about the borgs-in-the-workplace thing, check out this line from Augmate’s press release: “Augmate is poised to help shape a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ as it bridges the gap between business information systems, machine-to-machine communication, and smart eyewear devices.”

The new capital, Augmate hopes, will help it market its smart wearables tech to more enterprise customers. The company provides enterprises with developer tools through a device-agnostic software development kit and a data visualization platform. To further help people optimize wearables, Augmate has a new consulting practice called InnoVision, which “sets forth a strategic path for businesses to evaluate, validate, pilot, and scale wearable technology in real-world environments.”

“Industries including manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and retail remain bogged down by legacy systems and bulky hand-held devices,” says Drew Austin, co-founder and COO of Augmate in a statement.

“We’re here to help them realize the inherent benefits of wearable technology by providing enterprise applications designed for smart eyewear, powered by the intelligence of sensors within the workplace environment. Our new InnoVision consulting service facilitates the evolution of smarter enterprises for our partners and the businesses we serve.”

Augmate’s platform works with wearables like Google Glass, Vuzix M100, Epson Moverio, and Kopin Golden-i.

The round was led by Tim Draper, with participation from UPS Ventures, Siemens Venture Capital, Simon Venture Group, Rothenberg Ventures, Excell Partners, Camp One Ventures, FP Angels, and a consortium of angel investors.

The company was founded in 2013.