Soylent, the Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator-backed experiment to replace delicious food with a blend of powders and extracts, today expanded its horizons with the release of a new formula: Soylent version 1.2.

Going forward, Soylent will be vegan. The company details that it will stop selling its product with fish oil, because “animal-based products are inherently less efficient than plant-based products due to the greater amount of resources required in their creation.”

The shift may broaden Soylent’s potential user base, but it’s noteworthy that Soylent’s flagship (self-titled) product has received mixed reviews so far. There’s no sign (yet) that Soylent will win over anyone but life-hacking insiders.

Still, the company’s goal — to “engineer the most healthy, affordable, and convenient staple food ever produced” — is admirable.

Soylent also isn’t the only tech investor-backed startup aiming to change the way we eat; Khosla Ventures-backed Hampton Creek is attempting to reingineer foods like mayo by linking “data with biochemistry and food science.”