With so much data and so many tools, many companies are now issuing dashboards to bring everything together.

The latest is NewBrand, a provider of customer experience software for social listening, analytics, and reputation management. The Washington, D.C.-based company is today launching its new Command Center to surface the most important information in its system.

Any differentiation can help a social monitoring platform distinguish itself in an increasingly crowded category.

“You can [go outside] and spit and probably hit a social monitoring service,” CEO Kristin Muhlner told VentureBeat.

Her company’s system, she said, measures not only social data, but other sources as well, including surveys, point-of-sale, and transactional data.

“Pulling all of that info into a single platform gives us a singular lens,” she said, which is the idea of the Command Center.

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The dashboard is intended to present anomalies in customer data and offer alerts about possible issues. There’s also the ability to drill down into more detail, make comparisons with competitors, and share information across an organization.

A screen from NewBrand's new Command Center

Above: A screen from NewBrand’s new Command Center

Image Credit: NewBrand

On the level of basic monitoring, Muhlner noted that competitors include Hootsuite, Salesforce’s Radian6, Sysomos, and NetBase.

NewBrand differs, she said, because it offers industry-specific purchase insight, which sometimes includes reasons why people don’t buy the target product or service.

She pointed to one client, David’s Bridal, which found through NewBrand that “brides were frustrated with the [company’s] check-in and check-out process, and they just wanted to try on dresses.” By streamlining the process, David’s saw a major increase in customer activity.

Command Center is also differentiated from many similar services, Muhlner told us, because it’s looking “at the most volatile activity, like a Billboard music chart [does].” This volatility, she said, can tell McDonald’s, as an example, that the new hazelnut coffee flavor is a hit — or that a guy just walked into a McDonald’s with a knife stuck in his back.