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Forrester Research has profiled Qubit as one of two ‘enterprise marketing-centric’ platforms, capable of handing marketers the tools to create and drive experiences to engage customers as a supplement to a client’s core WCM or ecommerce system.

The global research firm which helps technology buyers at the world’s top companies make better informed decisions says ecommerce technology Qubit provides its clients with a “proprietary, best-in-breed offering” for web and mobile analytics and testing & optimization.

Large consumer-facing businesses now see their websites as their flagship stores with Forrester predicting that 59% of all retail sales will be impacted by a digital touch by 2018.1 The Market Overview: Digital Customer Experience Delivery Platforms, published in December, scrutinizes the digital experience software vendor market. It describes how many of these vendors are acquiring new capabilities and tools to help them move aggressively into new or adjacent areas.

The report also recommends identifying the ‘next-generation’ requirements to better prepare for digital experience investments.

The report defines digital experience delivery platforms as “software to manage, deliver, and optimize experiences consistently across every digital touchpoint” and divides the platforms as either “commerce-centric” or “content-centric”.

Qubit and Salesforce are the two vendors listed to represent the enterprise ‘marketing-centric’ technologies within the report.

Qubit’s CEO and founder Graham Cooke said: “More and more, marketing departments are beginning to shift their focus and resource towards improving the digital experience for their online customers, seeing it as the single biggest lever a business can pull to increase revenue and profitability.”

Qubit’s business is built from the ground up and dedicated to the optimization of the digital experience. Its applications are therefore instinctively and organically integrated as opposed to vendors who have built their platform offerings via acquisition, making it difficult to achieve true integration.

Please download the report here or contact us if you’d like to receive a demonstration of how our platform works.


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1 US Cross-Channel Retail Sales Forecast: 2014 To 2018
July 24, 2014 By Sucharita Mulpuru with Vikram Sehgal, Carrie Johnson, Laura Naparstek

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