LAS VEGAS — Japanese company Logbar is here at the 2015 International CES hyping its Ring product, which fits around your index finger and allows you to control the devices around you with gestures.

In the demo I saw, the presenter programmed an app to recognize a specific hand gesture, and that app then turned on a connected speaker when he made that gesture. He could also turn the volume of the speaker up and down.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.24.24 PMNext, he programmed the app to recognize a certain gesture to turn on and off, and to dim and brighten a connected light.

The Ring contains a gyroscope/accelerometer to detect the user’s gestures. It then sends the signals via Bluetooth low energy to a mobile device running the app. The Ring can also transmit the gestures to a Ring Hub, which then links to connected-home devices like TVs, speakers, lights, and locks.

It has a touch sensor on the front so that you can select things with your thumb. A capacitor inside buzzes the Ring if the app wants to alert you.

The $270 Ring can also be used to control games, robots, mobile phones, and tablets.