Cloud file sharing company Dropbox today introduced a new Chrome extension to the Chrome web store that allows Gmail users to include files from their Dropbox accounts.

A Dropbox employee mentioned the feature in a tweet today, and the extension carries today’s date in the Chrome web store.

The extension works as advertised on the web once you’ve installed it. When you start composing a message in Gmail, you just click the Dropbox icon at the bottom — to the left of the Google Drive icon, ironically — select the files you want, and hit “insert link.” And just like that, you’re done with the Dropbox file attachment.

The feature should be a boon to Dropbox, which, of course, competes with Google Drive, as well as Box.

It’s unclear how much the Dropbox support will be built into Gmail’s iOS and Android apps.

Dropbox announced Yahoo Mail support in 2013.

Neither Dropbox nor Google immediately responded to VentureBeat’s request for comment on the new feature, which is labeled as beta.