SocialRank is giving you more detailed data to feed your obsessive need to measure your social success against your peers’.

The company, which measures your Twitter followers and engagement levels, is adding a list view and annotated tweet engagement, allowing you to see how multiple companies and individuals stack up against one another and why that one Tweet did so well.

Now, in addition to a graph, users will be able to see a list view of companies, their number of followers, their number of verified followers, total engagement, and follower engagement. Previously SocialRank gave you a broad view of industry data (see our breakdown of the world’s biggest tech brands for an example), but not a comparative list.

Here’s a view of the top ten retailers on Twitter. The data is pretty fascinating:

Social Rank Retail Index

It’s a much more transparent view of your competitors and how engaged they are on Twitter.

The company is also adding annotations to its Tweet data to answer that plaguing question, why am I seeing a spike in engagement? SocialRank will annotate the highest peaks in engagement and offer a best guess based on relevant data as to why that tweet performed well. For instance, notes SocialRank founder Alex Taub, a few weeks ago Adobe saw a massive spike in engagement. The company had roughly 17,000 tweets surrounding one of its posts.

SocialRank made an annotation in Adobe’s graph of tweet engagement that indicated the tweet above caused the drive in traffic.

In addition to the new features, SocialRank is launching two new indexes for retail and music. Major retailers like Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and other companies from the National Retail Federation’s top 100 will now be able to check their rank. The new music index will feature artists from Billboard’s top 100 artists.

SocialRank launched its index about a month ago with four verticals: Tech Media Index, Tech Startup Index, Tech Companies Index, and Global Brands Index. Each index has about one hundred members.

In April, the company plans to offer Instagram ranking in addition to Twitter. You can sign up early for Instagram here.